Turkey's Leading Technology Company

Turkey's leading brands trust us with their digital transformations.


We are proud to have served over 30 clients including Fortune 500 Companies since 2013, as their mobile solution partner.

What we do

We offer native mobile solutions.

We enable you to offer your customers the richest and most professional mobile experience with our native mobile solutions.


We carry your retail business to mobile sphere, enabling you to keep your store 7/24 open where your customers are always online and skyrocket your sales.

M-Retail Solutions

Use our B2B mobile retail solutions to increase your in-store sales and keep an integrated client data. Get your sales personel to know your customers the second they interact with them.


With our tailor-made solutions for fintech companies, we enable using personalized customer data to create instant offers, track customer behavior and optimize your customer journey.


In a world where everything is rapidly digitalizing, we facilitate customer experience with mobile applications in the insurance industry.


With the mobile solutions we offer to leading Fortune 500 companies, we had the chance to develop awarded mobile campaigns.

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